C1 Joint Staff Training – Dublin April 2018

Joins Staff Training of Skill IT for Youth was held in Dublin

Within the framework of a 4-day joint-staff training, the partners held small workshops on their expertise areas, relevant for the project’s objectives, such as research methodology, P21 framework, toolkit formats, visual storytelling, training methodology, digital skills in youth work, etc. At the same time, the partners presented the national contexts of their countries in regards to youth work, digital skills education, digital national strategies, digital skills of young people, etc. The training course was dedicated to the partners’ staff involved in the project.

During the same training, the project group participated in the conference The Wheel – Stronger Charities. Stronger Communities, presenting the project’s objectives and partnership.

The Skill IT for Youth – Integrating Digital and Future Skills into Youth Work project aims to increase the quality of youth work, combining higher levels of excellence and attractiveness in services, obtained through the digitalisation of youth work, with increased opportunities for young people. Through this project, the partners’ main goal is to equip youth workers with the digital knowledge, skills and confidence to enhance young people’s futures in the 21st Century.