Youth Work Ireland has a proven track record in designing programmes, delivering projects over a 2 year, 3 year and longer year timeframe. Have established partnerships in Ireland and other transnational and international locations which can be leveraged to deliver the maximum impact and outcomes.

Youth Work Ireland have proven ability to engage with young people in non-formal settings and with marginalised and vulnerable and hard to reach groups of young people.

Have proven track record in project management and the delivery of significant scale projects at State and European levels (DCYA, Department of Justice, Erasmus+, National Lottery). Youth Work Ireland have established network of premises and infrastructure which can be leveraged.

We have extensive experience in rolling out national programmes, and in scaling up of local and regional programmes efficiently and effectively. Can provide multiple opportunities for staff of potential partners to engage, share skills, volunteer and create impact locally.

Youth Work Ireland actively engages with over 116,000 young people, their families and their communities and as such has an extensive reach and ability to create impact and change. Youth Work Ireland have proven track record in development and implementation of Quality Standards.

Youth Work Ireland have comprehensive reporting and monitoring structures in place. Are happy to engage with, and have extensive experience in creating PR and dissemination opportunities. Partnership is vitally important to Youth Work Ireland, as is the understanding that by effectively working together we create “wins” for all stakeholders. Youth Work Ireland has developed a range of strategic partnerships and alliances at European level, and domestically, to ensure maximum impact is created for all our work, through the widest possible dissemination.

Youth Work Ireland have a strong history or project management, and of delivering projects and services within budget, on time and to the satisfaction of all partners including; Department of Children and Youth Affairs, Department of Justice and Equality, Health Service Executive, Local Authorities.

Applicant Organisation

Anne L’Henoret