About the Self Assessment Tool
The Skill IT for Youth Competence Framework covers 9 Competences specifically relevant to Youth Workers who engage in Digital Youth Work and who are interested in supporting Young People develop 21st Century Skills. They fall into 3 Competence Areas:

Competence Area 1 looks at Learning and Innovation Skills, i.e. the competences related to succeeding in the increasingly complex life and work environments in today’s world where one needs to be able to collaborate and communicate well, and to think both critically and creatively.

Competence Area 2 covers Information and Media Literacy i.e. the competences needed to be effective and responsible in a technology and media-driven environment, with access to an abundance of information and rapid changes in available technology tools.

Competence Area 3 is focused on Life and Career Skills i.e. the competences needed to plan and manage oneself and one’s work, as well as the social and emotional competences required to navigate today’s fast-changing life and work environments.

The assessment takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. On completion you can download a PDF report which details the results of the self-assessment. It includes recommendations for further progression through this Competence Framework. It is possible to complete it in stages and save your progress using your email address.

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