Design IT – Design your message, start with your audience 4

Once you choose the 3 characters, split the group into three teams, with at least 5 participants. In each team, there should be at least 3 participants representing the character chosen. For instance, in “the wolf” team, there should be at least three wolves who have the same problems and needs, like the wolf from the original story. Then, there should be two interviewers, that will play the role of the campaign organizers who interview the target audience – in the example given, the three wolves.

Give to the characters (the interviewees/the audience/the users) and the interviewers the Empathy map annex.

Ask the participants to play the role of the story character, to think about their character and write down on the map how they would describe the story, what they do and say in the story from their perspective, what they think about the problem, what or how they feel about it. The same, the inter- viewers should think to questions trying to find out from the characters information that will help them to understand their audience’s needs and relevant insights that will help them in developing the message and the campaign’s strategy.

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