Know Want Learn Mapping for Authentic Storytelling 3

Wrap up the KWL Mapping activity above. Trainer explains the following:

The process creates a bull’s eye-type map in stages. By the time they finish, they will have a map that suggests a number of stories and will help youth make a decision about their ultimate goal.

  • This is the most important key to making the map work: participants spending time thinking about their goals and the things they’re going to explore in their project.
  • Remember that when working on topics, be sure to distinguish between what participants “like” and what they really “care about.”
  • They may be crazy about a particular artist, movie, or song, but what topics in their world are they really passionate about? What stories in the news or their neighbourhood make them angry or sad?
  • These are the topics they’ll be dedicated to exploring, especially if in their projects they can somehow identify ways to fix a problem or bring people together. Ask the participants to quickly share the topic they have decided to explore.
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