Know Want Learn Mapping for Authentic Storytelling 4

  1. Next build a question guide by developing interview questions. Ask participants in their groups to formulate questions that explore these topics. Frame them as open-ended questions, such as:
    • “Tell me about an experience…”
    • “What are the best/worst parts about…?”
    • “Can you help me understand more about…?”
  2. Next, ask participants to organize their questions. Organize questions using the following structure:
    • Start specific: begin with questions your participants are comfortable answering.
    • Go broad: ask more profound questions about hopes, fears and ambitions.
    • Probe deep: explore your challenge or any interesting theme you picked up on during the con- versation in more depth. Consider prompting thoughts with “what if” scenarios.

To finish up, ask the participants to collate their questions into a question guide that is very readable, so you can glance at it quickly during your conversation.

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