Know Want Learn Mapping for Authentic Storytelling 5

Activity: Preparing and Practicing for an Interview

A. Build tangible conversation starters. It can be helpful to share early ideas or concepts in your conversation, particularly if you are working on an abstract idea – it only serves the purpose of gaining a better understanding of your topic. You can create a sketch, build a simple cardboard representation or describe a scenario that your participants can respond to.

B. Confirm your plans Confirm date, time and location for your research activities. Agree on logistics, including transportation, with your team.

C. Assign roles Designate one person to lead the interview. Select a second person who will focus on watching participants’ body language and facial expressions. Decide which team member will take notes, and choose a photographer. Remember to ask permission before taking any photos.

D. Prepare your equipment Make sure to gather materials for your fieldwork ahead of time:

  • Question guide
  • Participants’ contact details
  • Team members’ contact details
  • Directions to location
  • Notepads and pens
  • Camera (load batteries!)
  • Mobile phones
  • Thank you gifts for participants (if applicable)
  • Post-it notes, Sharpie markers

Get Interviewing!

Ask the participants to practice interviewing each other using the question guide and conversation starters prepared above.

Ask participants to review footage to analyse what worked/didn’t work
Finish up the session by asking them to note what lessons they learned and add them to the Lessons Learned flip chart sheet on the wall.

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