Prototype your story 3

Split the group into teams (3-4 people), and give each team one of the problems/“bad behaviors” you selected, such as a high number of people refusing to recycle; high number of homeless people on the streets; increasing discriminatory speeches/undignified stereotypes about young people with migrant/refugee backgrounds; high number of young people dropping out of school; high number of young people addicted to drugs or gambling, etc.

Express the problems from a clear point of view (see the PoV structure from the design thinking theory available in this chapter).

Give each team three printed Story-maps (or give them access to an online form for the Story-Map, such as Google Form), and ask each team to develop three different stories they could use to: edu- cate young people about the problem or to motivate/move them into action to solve the problem or change the behavior of the audience.

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