What party should we have?

2.5 hours

Short overview:

The workshop will support the participants to gain awareness on and practise to develop new ideas in group, to incorporate group input into work, to respond to specific limits in the ideation process, and to analyse and evaluate own ideas. The participants will also learn how to use some specific digital tools for collaborative ideas generation and for evaluating and selecting ideas.

Objectives of the workshop:

  • To understand how world limits (real or perceived) affect the idea generation process and our originality and inventiveness;
  • To practise to incorporate group input and feedback into common work;
  • To practise to develop and communicate new ideas to others effectively;
  • To be able to analyze and evaluate own ideas;
  • To be able to use some digital technologies for generating collaborative ideas and for making common decisions.
Methods: Group work
Materials: Evernote app Phone Tablet
20 mins.

Split the group into teams of 4-5 people, and tell them that each team has to plan a party for the coming weekend with a budget of 100 Euro. They have just passed an important exam and they want to celebrate it with their friends.

For planning the party they have to use Evernote app and the Evernote template for organizing a party. They will add their ideas there, in the app.

Methods: Group work Presentations
Materials: Evernote app Phone Tablet
30 mins.

Announce the teams that there is a prize of 1 million Euro for them. They should rethink their party for using the 1 million Euro, as the budget for the party, which is planned in three months from now. The best party receives the 1 million Euro to make it happen.

They should plan the new party using the same Evernote app and the template for organizing a party.

At the end, one member of the team has to present and pitch their party idea in the big group.

Methods: Individual work
Materials: Laptop Phone Tablet Tricider Video-projector
10 mins.
Material usage/Remarks:

Use Tricider for creating the party “tricision” and for supporting and voting for the party ideas and the arguments
Video-projector and laptop to show the tricision and the voting moment to the whole group


The participants have to decide which party should be organized and received the 1 million Euro budget. For that they will use Tricider.

You create the “tricision” (the question to ask - for instance, What party should receive the 1 million Euro and why?). Each participant answers to your question, in forum on Tricider. They need to add the party number and the main argument why that party should be the winner. 

Finally, the arguments and the parties are voted by the participants.

Methods: Open discussions
Materials: Flipchart paper Markers
20 mins.

Discuss with the whole group the criteria the participants used for selecting one idea, make a list of criteria and write them down on a flipchart paper.

Choose then with the group the most relevant criteria for selecting the party, having in mind the final “users” (the participants to the party - their friends). 

Ask questions such as: What ideas will they try out? Will they change their votes? How could they prototype the ideas before going and spending 1 million Euro on a party that friends might not like? How can they make sure their party will be valued for sure?

Methods: Mini-lecture
Materials: Flipchart paper Laptop Markers Video-projector
5 mins.
Material usage/Remarks:

You may use video-projector and laptop, if you choose to make a digital presentation of the theory.


Present short theory on ideas evaluation and selection, and on the principle of “think big” in the innovation process.

Methods: Open discussions
5 mins.

Reflect with the participants on what they learned throughout the session and how they plan to use what they learnt or practised.


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