About the Tool
The self assessment tool is designed to assess the digital readiness of youth organisations, non-formal educational organisations and NGOs.

To use the tool, simply complete the self assessment survey, which will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

The survey is split into two parts with sub-categories covering most aspects of how an organisation is run:

  • PART 1: Leadership and management of the organisation
    • Strategy
    • Governance and Operations
    • Infrastructure
    • Human Resources (HR)
    • Communication and Collaboration
  • PART 2: Practice and provision of services to young people
    • Planning
    • Practice and Service Delivery
    • Progression and Youth Outcomes
    • Monitoring and Assessment
    • Policies and Procedures

For the first part, you may wish to complete this with senior colleagues in your organisation.

For the second part, you may wish to complete this with colleagues involved in the day-to-day delivery of your services to young people.

The standards in each sub-category are taken from the Irish National Quality Standards Framework (NQSF) for youth work and the European Framework for Digitally-Competent Educational Organisations (DigCompOrg). These are referenced as NQSF and DigCompOrg.

The terms senior management and staff are used flexibly. You may be part of a small organisation with a team of 2-5 people or a larger organisation with 100 people and a well established senior team and Board. Please adapt this terminology to best fit with your organisation whether 2 or 100 people. It simply relates to the key decision maker(s) for strategy and planning and key decision maker(s) for the delivery of services to young people.

Digital Readiness Report
On completion, you will receive a PDF report by email with an option to download the report.

The report gives the results of your self assessment with an indication of the current stage your organisation is at on its digital technology journey. The report provides recommendations with suggestions on how your organisation may wish to progress over the next 3 years

Digital Learning Planning Tools

This information can be used to assist you to develop an action based Digital Learning Plan for your whole organisation.

Guidelines document and templates for a Digital Learning Plan and Technology Audit are also available to support this work.

There is also a free online course for managers who wish to learn how to plan, facilitate and implement a Digital Learning Plan for their organisation using design thinking.

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