Norsensus Mediaforum is a non-profit media association in Norway set up to enhance and improve the practice of media and information literacy, advocacy, and civic participation in society with primary focus on the empowerment of young people and socially deprived groups as well as improving inclusion and diversity through media tools.

Our vision is a society where all people and communities have equal access to utilize any and all media and ICT tools to ensure equal social and economic participation and their self-expression within a diverse media landscape. Our activities and expertize include media and journalism education, advocacy education, media and communication strategy, and capacity building through trainings, visual storytelling, curriculum development, research, mentorship and advocacy works.

The organization was established in 2013 and since its foundation, we have been involved in many local and international projects in Norway, Romania, Bulgaria, and Lithuania, Germany in the field of stortytelling, communication and capacity building for NGOs, youth, and related areas.

At our office located on Rådhusgata 20 in Oslo, we have a core team of five people from diverse backgrounds who are actively managing and coordinating the projects in addition to more than twenty volunteer experts, tens of media and academic professionals who are are contributing to development of our activities. In addition to a grassroots network of contributors, we have also established a solid cooperation and partnership with civil society organizations, media and academic institutions in both Norway and on abroad which has a multiplying effect on increasing our capacity and development. Some of our partners include Open Society Foundation, Oslo Municipality, LNU, Center for Independent Journalism (Romania), Stuttgart Media University (Germany), Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, European Humanities University (Lithuania), and Youth Work Ireland.

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