FSR is a non-profit, youth-focused organization which is a sister organization of the Robinson Crusoe Foundation, established in 2002.

FSR develops, implements and shares innovative tools and programs, aiming to educate and support young people (16-24 years of age) from foster and institutional care, in their successful transition to independent life.

FSR supports disadvantaged young people (from state-owned orphanages, foster families, family orphanages) threatened with social exclusion, by teaching them important life skills on how to achieve economic, social and emotional independence: how to break the vicious circle of helplessness, how to break barriers, how to fight for their place in the world and in society.

Moreover, FSR aims to sensitize the general public to the issue of biologically and socially orphaned young people. Since the start of its self-reliance program in 2002 the Robinson Crusoe foundation and now FSR, managed to develop youth-centered programs and tools which focus on 5 areas: vocational issues, economy, law, health education, social and communication skills.

Starting off in Warsaw, FSR is now present in 8 locations (Warsaw, Wroclaw, Szczecin, Łódź, Sieradz, Żory, Zawiercie and Lębork), having supported over 1400 care leavers to date. Currently, 6 project coordinators and 25 youth workers in Poland support FSR, allowing us to reach, in each location, 20 young care leavers who participate in a 2 year “Vehicle for Self-Reliance” program. Being enrolled in a “ Vehicle for Self-Reliance” a young person is able to participate in summer and winter camps, enhance life skills through bi-monthly workshops, simulation and board games, as well as internship programs from which, since 2011, over 350 care leavers have benefited.


Key persons involved in this project :

Agnieszka Grzymkowska

Aureliusz Leżeński

Graduated from the University of Warsaw, then worked for the Polish Academy of Sciences. Aureliusz from 1989 up to 1998 was a head master and co- founder of the Community High School in Warsaw – one of the first independent community high schools in Poland. Aureliusz was a trainer of a Entrepreneurship program for pupils in schools. Aureliusz also supports the NGO sector as a consultant and team coach of Team Coaching International. In 2007 he became member of the international association of social innovators ASHOKA. From 2002 he is president and co -founder of the Robinson Crusoe Foundation, a sister NGO of FSR. Aureliusz works within the community – the local municipality, business entrepreneurs, social workers and citizens – to invite them to take full responsibility in supporting at local level this important group of young people as a part of the community. At present he is a lecturer in the Noble Manhattan Coaching School and SWPS University. He leads trainings for social workers and for the boards of non-governmental organizations.

Partner Organisation

Agnieszka Grzymkowska