Fundacja Samodzielni Robinsonowie is a non-profit , youth focused organization established in 2014 to support young people threatened with social exclusion. In cooperation with its sister’s organization, Fundacja Robinson Crusoe, they have developed and run programs addressed to youth (16-22 years) from institution and foster care, in order to help them make successful transition from institutional care to independent living. Teach year they work with around 200 youth in 12 localizations and employ about 35 youth workers who support young people around Poland.

Both Foundations focus on creative and practical programs for achieving self-reliance, which allow care leavers to find their constructive roles in the local community and through their own activity counteract their stigmatization. They teach care leavers how to achieve economic, social and emotional self-reliance: how to break the vicious circle of helplessness, how to break barriers, how to fight for their place in the world and in the society.

This is done through creation and implementation of structured educational programs, engaging social aid institutions and business to increase the number of young people prepared for self-reliance and for employment in the open labor market. They have established cooperation with 50 companies supporting “Safe Internship “and “Food for Good” programs. FSR is also very much oriented on enhancing youth work with digital tools to support young people in meeting demands of nowadays’ workplace.


Aureliusz Leżeński

President and co-founder of the Robinson Crusoe Foundation and Samodzielni Robinsonowie Foundation (since 2002).

He is a teacher and trainer, a certified ICC coach and team coach TCI, founder and co-author of syllabus of the Second Non-Public Secondary School in Warsaw. In 2007 Aureliusz Leżeński was awarded membership in a prestigious international organization ASHOKA – Innovators for the Public in recognition of his work for innovative initiatives for youth threatened with social exclusion.

Aureliusz graduated from the University of Warsaw, then worked for the Polish Academy of Sciences. In 1989 he founded the Community High School in Warsaw – one of the first independent community high schools in Poland. He had been its head master for over 10 years. Aureliusz was also a trainer of a Entrepreneurship program for pupils in schools.

 In 1998 he moved on the business side to work as a coach for senior management and board members. Aureliusz supports the NGO sector as a consultant and team coach of Team Coaching International.

He works within the community, the local municipality, business entrepreneurs, social workers and citizens – to invite them to take responsibility in supporting young people on their way to the self-reliance. He is a lecturer of Coaching and Mentoring on Post- graduate Studies at SWPS University, MBA Studies at Business School of Warsaw University of Technology and Laboratorium Psychoedukacji.

At the same time, he leads trainings for social workers and the boards of non-governmental organizations.


Agnieszka Grzymkowska

Head of International Projects in Fundacja Robinson Crusoe and Fundacja Samodzielni Robinsonowie. Psychologist with MA from SWPS University, project manager and digital marketing specialist. Agnieszka has built her career in marketing and brand communication, working for leading international companies such as VMLY&R, McCann Ericson, Ogilvy, providing strong contribution to business growth and development of organizations.

While working on the business side, she joined Robinson Crusoe Foundation in 2007 as the Board member. She contributes to planning and management of Foundation’s programs with strong focus on implementing digital technology into educational and operational practices. Agnieszka also works with youth as a tutor and self-reliance assistant. 

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Agnieszka Grzymkowska