The main goal of the Skill IT for Youth research effort  is to collect relevant information that can be used by the project partners in developing meaningful tools for youth organizations interested in enhancing their work with young people, and digitizing more their organizations. The specific goals of the research are:

  • Provide data-driven knowledge on:
    • digital youth work, youth workers, youth organizations and young people’s needs regarding ICT, digital and social media, 
    • the labor market’s needs and expectations with regards to the young people’s digital skills.
  • Map the existing digital skills education programs in Ireland, Norway, Poland and Romania;
  • Identify the role of the NGOs in developing the digital skills in young people;
  • Identify the needs of youth workers in order to develop high quality projects for young people in the area of digital skills.

Check the research results in the Skill IT National Studies and the Skill IT Comparative Study.