Why did we do it?

We started the Skill IT for Youth project with an extensive research effort in order to collect relevant and up to date information to ground the rest of our project, in particular the design of our other outputs.

However the research results proved to be very invaluable in and of themselves, not only to the youth work sector in the partner countries but also to other stakeholders such as academia, industry….

How did we do it?

Our approach was innovative in that we consulted the 4 major stakeholder groups and compared their respective views around Digital Skills attainment in young people, with a particular focus on employability, namely:

  • Young people (116, between 16 and 25)
  • Youth Workers (105)
  • Youth Services Managers (39)
  • Employers (12)

The specific goals of the research were to:

  • Map the current status of digital skills education and youth work in Ireland, Norway, Poland and Romania;
  • Identify the role of Youth NGOs in developing young people’s digital skills;
  • Identify the needs of youth workers and organisations in order to develop high quality, relevant projects for young people in the area of digital skills.

As well as 4 national reports we also produced a Comparative Report which we are sharing further into Europe. You can see some of the results highlights below but we encourage you to read and share the full reports too.