Express IT – Limitations of freedom of expression and hate speech 1

Split the group into teams of 5-6 participants. Each team has to come up with a plan for a program that will develop in their communities called The nice citizens community!

Each team should define a set of rules and limitations that will make all citizens to behave, be nice to each other, etc. For instance, tell the teams that they should think about what topics/issues will be forbidden to talk about in their community, so that nobody will be offended; or what websites/social media platforms should be limited or forbidden, so that people will not be allowed to be mean to each other or to spread fake news, etc. Also, they have to decide how they will impose these rules, so that everyone becomes a good and nice citizen.

The idea is that you have to ‘trick’ the participants in becoming small dictators, limiting people’s freedom of expression and access to information.

Each team will present their plans for the The nice citizens community! program. After all the pres- entations are done, ask the teams to empathize with the citizens that have to respect their rules, how they will feel about them, how they will react, what rights are violated to these rules, if it is the case, etc.

Reflect with the participants on the consequences of such ideal projects on people’s human rights, on democracy, free press, etc.

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