Own IT 2

Tell the participants the story about making 24,000 EUR from a Norwegian national day cake photo: in 2014, the Norwegian blogger, Anne Brith Davidsen, made a traditional cake for Norway National Day and put the photo online. The cake and the photo looked so appetizing that everyone started to use the photo online, including big stores. Since 2014, people and companies still use the photo without taking into consideration the copyright Anne Brith put on the photo. Thus, since then, the blogger sends an invoice to anyone who uses her picture without having purchased the rights. So far, she made over 24,000 euro. Read the full story (get help from Google Translate if you do not speak Norwegian) here.

Then, introduce to the participants the basics on the legal framework of copyrights and types of licenses; also, provide them with examples of sources where they can find free license photos or photos under a Creative Commons license, such as Google Image search, Flickr, Spark or Canva da- tabases. Also, instruct them on how they should credit these photos.

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