2.4 How to use this training toolkit

In this toolkit, we have collected scenarios of workshops for young people aged 16-24. Each chapter corresponds to one of the seven competences selected on the basis of research conducted within the Skill IT for Youth project. It contains a theoretical introduction and briefly discusses the competence and the possible use of new technologies in developing it in young people. You will find important theoretical references, useful models and methods and the current needs of the job market. If you need to dig deeper into the topic, try something from the proposed further reading list.

In the second part of each competence’s chapter, 3 to 5 scenarios are offered for use in youth work. Each chapter is colour-coded differently, so you can easily find if there is a need to go to the certain competence quickly.

The scenario structure was designed in a way to help you understand the learning process and to prepare in advance to ensure a smooth experience for both you and your young people.

The structure of every workshop scenarios contains:

In each scenario you will find all the information needed: how to start a workshop, how to instruct participants on specific work, how to split the group in teams, how to follow-up and reflect on the work done, how much time to spend on each activity, how to sum up and end a workshop.

The scenarios offered are ready to use right away with groups of young people you work with. The structure of each workshop gives you a detailed plan of activities that you can just follow as it is.