Creating with Purpose and Mobile Filmmaking 1

Introduction to Create with Purpose Approach

Creating digital content often comes easily to young people who are immersed in technology in their everyday lives. While a young person can practice a skill such as mobile journalism on his or her own, an effective educator functions as a mentor to reinforce good practice, recommend ways to improve, and provide continual moral support to create great stories.

The challenge for educators is to provide guidance and space for young people to create content with originality, vision, and purpose. Creating content using mobile devices and following the Create with Purpose approach can help young people to produce authentic stories about issues and causes they care about.

Create with Purpose Principles

Introduce the participants to the following principles of how to Create with Purpose.

  • —  Relevant: is the content relevant to the young people and their audience?
  • —  Intentional: is it designed to have a specific impact on an intended audience?
  • —  Personal: does the content express a clear point of view or specific perspective?
  • —  Collaborative: have the young people and educators worked side by side?
  • —  Original: is there evidence of originality in style and content young people have chosen?
  • —  Inquiry-based: is the topic/cause/issue derived and led by the young people and not the educators?
  • —  High quality: does the content illustrate an effective and innovative use of the mobile tools and techniques?
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