Creating with Purpose and Mobile Filmmaking 2

Production Process for Media Making:

A carefully planned media project (film, animation, photostory, radio show, etc.) or mobile journal- ism (MoJo) project has at least five steps in the process.

  1. Planning
  2. Production
  3. Post-Production
  4. Critique & Revise
  5. Showcase & Share

Steps 3-5 above are critical steps in the production process, however, when facilitating media pro- jects with young people they are often skipped or out-sourced to an external facilitator. It is impor- tant to include these steps.

  • —  Step 3 covers the editing process and is one of the most creative decision making stages of the project.
  • —  Step 4 is critical to ensure the intended story, audience, message and style is being conveyed. The SAMS handout can be used again here.
  • —  Step 5 is a great motivator to encourage young people to finish the project particularly if they are finding certain tasks challenging e.g. editing.

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