Design IT – Design your message, start with your audience 3

Choose one famous fairytale, such as Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White or Cinderella, together with the group. Tell the story from the memory or with the help of participants. While telling the story, write down on a flipchart paper the main conflict, the characters, the main events of the story.

Also, collect from the participants the main assumptions of the story towards the problem/conflict and the main characters, and also collect what participants think about the causes of the problems present in the story.

Based on the notes made, select together with the participants 3 main characters from the story that one communication campaign could target in order to redesign their experience in the story, by educating them on certain issues and solving the problems or needs they have in the story. For instance, if you work with Little Red Riding Hood, you could choose to redesign the wolf’s experience in the story, responding to its needs, but help it, through a raising awareness communication cam- paign, to become less aggressive towards the community it leaves in.

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