Design IT – Design your message, start with your audience 6

Instruct the teams to go to the next step. They have the needs and the insights from their audience, they should define in teams the Point of View on the problem they identified for the audience. To make it more fun and interesting, ask them to present the problem-point of view in the format of an ad, more specifically following this structure: [USER] needs to [USER’S NEED] because [SURPRISING INSIGHT].


“High-energy teenager (USER) seeks awesome social network (NEED). Interests should include issues of societal importance (e.g. how much parents suck and also why being a vegetarian might be cool) (IN- SIGHT 1). Willingness to IM constantly during the school year is a MUST! (INSIGHT 2)” (source: Institute of Design at Stanford).

Each team presents the PoV for their audience, the point of view they will use to start to ideate – come up with ideas about the message to be used to educate the audience, whom to deliver the message, how to deliver the message, how to develop the campaign, etc.

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