Choose IT – Content Creation – Interactive Storytelling

2 hours

Short overview:

The workshop will introduce young people to the technique of developing interactive stories, respectively interactive videos. By learning a modern storytelling method, the participants learn about new ways of developing messages and interacting with the audience. Also, they become aware of the importance of finding the appropriate expressions of messages in diverse,
multicultural environments.

Objectives of the workshop:

  • To understand how to use the most appropriate media creation tools;
  • To learn about interactive storytelling and interactive videos that could be used to develop messages and find the most appropriate expressions in diverse, multicultural environments;
  • To learn about interactive video techniques and technology;
  • To be able to develop messages and write scripts for interactive videos.
Methods: Mini-lecture Open discussions
Materials: Flipchart paper Laptop Markers Video-projector
20 mins.

Ask the participants what they understand when they hear “interactive storytelling” and how they would make a real interactive story. Discuss the suggestions the participants provide, give example of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch interactive movie, and show them one or two interactive videos examples from ( Then, define what interactive storytelling and interactive video storytelling are and talk about the structural differences from traditional video storytelling by using the following link: teractive-video/.

Methods: Group work Presentations
Materials: Flipchart paper Laptop Markers Video-projector
30 mins.

Show the participants the following videos as good video storytelling examples:

Then, divide the group into teams of 3-4 and ask them to choose one of the two videos and turn it into an interactive video. Give each team a flipchart paper and ask them to prepare on it the plan of turning that video into an interactive video format. Ask each team to present their interactive video story plan and provide them with direct feedback.

Methods: Mini-lecture
Materials: Laptop Video-projector
20 mins.

Show the group how they can open a free account on and show them how they can use the platform to create an interactive video by using the following tutorial: https://video.helloeko. com/v/Mekp1A.

Methods: Group work
Materials: Laptop Smarthphones Video-projector
40 mins.

Ask the participants to go back in their teams and choose one interactive video story idea, which they would like to work on and it is possible to work on in the workshop environment. Ask them to prepare a plan, draw the scenes of the max. 30 sec. video, make a short scenario and decide on the messages of the video, on a flipchart paper.

Then, they should film the videos with their smartphones and make the videos using platform on their laptops.

Let the teams present their work and facilitate feedback from the rest of the group, in terms of technical and content wise perspectives.

Methods: Open discussions
10 mins.

Wrap-up the session, concluding together with the participants on the advantages and disadvantages of interactive videos, on their experience developing interactive videos, and on how they could use this storytelling technique in the future.


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