Online collaboration tools

2 hours

Short overview: 

Diverse and multicultural work environments, remote and hybrid work models happen more and more often in modern companies, creating a huge need for openness from their employees. By learning the basics of remote working (such as organizing teleconferences and co-writing online documents) this workshop will allow participants to gain the core IT and communication skills needed in the  current workplace

Objectives of the workshop:

  • Acquire the basic set of IT and communication skills needed in the modern workplace
  • Test different collaborative tools
  • Know how to search for support and solutions for basic online communication and collaboration challenges
Methods: Trainer’s input
5 mins.

Welcome the participants. Tell them that during the workshop they will use online collaboration tools. Explain that use of this kind of tools is widespread in modern companies as it supports remote work and collaboration within disperse teams.

Methods: Group work
Materials: Computers Internet connection Laptop Printed instructions
40 mins.
Material usage/Remarks:

For Google Drive provide login and password or share a link if participants use their own accounts


Divide the participants into 3 smaller groups. Each group will be working on the same topic, e.g. Cat and dog lovers. The aim is to create a presentation (using Google Slides). If possible place each group in a separate room. Give printed instructions:

Each group has to login to a shared Google Drive folder

The 1st group has to create a folder and put photos/cartoons connected to the topic (only on Creative Commons license)

The 2nd group has to find interesting facts, information on the topic and collect them in a shared Google document mentioning the sources

The 3rd group has to find statistics on the topic and create charts based on them

If any of the group has a problem, they can make a video call using e.g. Skype or Hangouts to consult a trainer. Groups can use video call to contact each other.

Methods: Group work
30 mins.

The groups create a presentation (Google Slides) on the topic, using materials prepared by all 3 groups.

Methods: Presentations
15 mins.

All groups meet together and present the results of their work.

Methods: Debriefing
15 mins.

Reflection on the experience. How was the teamwork? How was it to use online collaboration tools?

Methods: Brainstorm
Materials: Paper sheets Pens
15 mins.

What are the benefits and limitations of online collaboration? In different groups, discuss and write it down. Present in the whole group.


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