Productivity Hacks

1.5 hours

Short overview:

Appreciating time is at the heart of using time to one’s benefit. From a moment to moment perspective we feel as though we have lots of time before our internal clocks cease to tick. This workshop helps the learner realise their usage of time, whether for good or bad. It enables them to look at ways to be more organised, efficient and productive whether at work
or at home.

Objectives of the workshop:

  • To become aware of how much time is spent on electronic devices, diverting their attention from other tasks
  • To enable better organisational skills, such as planning, time keeping, commitment to goals
  • To understand the concepts of scheduling or keeping diaries
  • To practise using digital and non digital methods to assist with organisational skills

Group size: any

Methods: Open discussions
Materials: Electronic device Flipchart Laptop Paper Pens Phone Post Its Tablets
20 mins.
Material usage/Remarks:

Discussion and Interaction of Group


Productivity Hacks

Tame 3 attention hijackers.

Start a discussion with the group on how their time is used up on electronic devices and possi- bly affects their time. Using a Flip Chart, and post-its, have participants note all the apps, devices or attention hackers they use.

When this is done, discuss Attention hijackers – such as alerts from your phone, computer, tablet, and smartwatch – advise that this can cost you as much as 25 minutes in lost productivity.

Have the participants dive into the Settings on each device you own, and tame as many attention hijackers in your work as you can – any that aren’t worth losing 25 minutes of productivity over

Methods: Creative Space On / Offline
Materials: Colored pencils Flipchart Paper Stickers
30 mins.
Material usage/Remarks:

Print Sample Calendar Templates (Weekly / Daily)


“Time Theming”

Using paper, coloured markers, and allowing for some reflective time, have participants Time Theme a typical week in their life.

Assign a theme to each part of your week so you can segregate it. E.g. Family / Saturdays
Useful video:

Reflection should consider time wasted, opportunities to gain back time and areas for improvement. ing/1216959000

Methods: Reflective Space
Materials: Electronic device Laptop Phone Tablet
20 mins.
Material usage/Remarks:

supported by facilitator


Online Behaviour Survey

Online tool to measure online behaviour and use

Methods: Discussion
10 mins.



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