Skill IT for Youth partners meet in Warsaw, Poland to get ready for the training for youth workers in April

Skill IT for Youth team met again and were very busy working together. The Project Meeting no 3 was hold in Warsaw, Poland, between 22-23rd of February 2019. Polish partner, Fundacja Samodzielni Robinsonowie, hosted participants representing partner organizations: Youth Work Ireland, Camara Education (Ireland), Norsensus Mediaforum (Norway) and Fundatia Danis (Romania).

A day before the Project Meeting, we went together to Green Park Conference Centre in Serock for the final checkout of the location chosen for the Youth Workers training scheduled for the end of March. The training will allow 22 youth workers from 4 countries to come together for a train-the-trainer course aimed at providing them with the necessary competences to provide digital skill enhancing workshops for young people (16-24 of age) which are needed to increase the young people’s employment chances.

The first day of Project Meeting was dedicated to preparation of the detailed training program and reviewing the digital skills enhancements workshops. The workshops are part of the Training Toolkit For Youth Workers being developed by all project partners (on key competencies such as Creativity and Innovation, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Media & Information Literacy, Productivity & Accountability, Communication) to enable youth workers to deliver digital skills enhancement sessions for young people at age of 16-24. Each partner was presenting its workshop on forum, we also discussed the possible challenges on approaching Youth Workers with digital tools.

Our meeting was hosted by Przestrzen from Facebook, new learning centre in Warsaw, dedicated to social good and local initiative. The place and its modern environment were somehow inspiring for our working process. We finished the day with building the Agenda for 5 days training in April.

During the Day 2 we revised the progress made so far with the ongoing intellectual outputs work, more precisely the Competence Framework for Digital Youth Work Practice and planned the development of the strategic guide for senior managers & leaders to embed digital technology into their youth organisations. We also covered the development of project website’s content. The Project Meeting ended up with the discussion on the next steps to take for ongoing intellectual outputs and setting deadlines for the established tasks.

We will meet soon in Warsaw again for very exciting 5 Days Youth Workers training when The Training Toolkit for Youth Workers and the Competence Framework for Digital Youth Work Practice will be tested among 28 youth workers from 4 countries.