Productivity Suite

2 hours

Short overview:

This is a test space for participants to find ways to learn how to work effectively, productively and efficiently with online tools to develop a short brief back to the group. It could be the development of a Magazine Cover, Poster, Game, Quiz or Presentation. There should be a short demo (Prepared in advance by Youth worker) of these free tools to be showcased:

We bring your attention to Workshop about Online collaboration tools to observe the use of Google Drive for storing / saving results. This could be a complimentary workshop to this one.

Objectives of the activity:

  • Develop a mindset of efficiency and accuracy
  • Identify the suitable evaluation techniques for collecting responses or through consultation
  • Be able to interpret information/data according to the context of the activity
  • Be able to present information easily and accurately
  • Preparing oneself for a productive work space
  • To learn new ways of planning, organising and setting goals
  • Find ways to be productive and efficient using digital media and technology
Methods: Briefing
Materials: Laptop Paper sheets Pens Projektor Tablets
30 mins.
Material usage/Remarks:

Beamer/OH Projector
Nearpod, Kahoot, Mentimetre, Pecha Kucha
Approach groups while working to check out a progress, if needed offer help


Create a test space for participants to work effectively, productively and efficiently with online tools to develop a project / piece of work.

Briefing / Demo of online tools to test Kahoot, Nearpod, Pecha Kucha, Mentimetre with a test page on any of the interactive tools that the participants can engage in

Methods: Group work (4 groups)

The groups are tasked to develop a 6 minute brief to the group
(e.g. Magazine cover/Poster, Game etc)

Methods: Presentations

Each group presents in 6 minutes their piece of work using one / more of the online tools learned.

Methods: App via Phone or webpage on laptop
Materials: Laptop Mobile
10 mins.
Material usage/Remarks:

Facilitator uses to present the data,
those participating use to participate.


Debrief using a voting tool such as or Nearpod, set up by Trainer in advance. Participants vote on the tool and method they most prefer for being productive


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